Montpellier, France

Temp Zero

GenreAction, Roguelike, Musical
DevelopersAlexandre Kadri, Paul Hebbinckuys
Release Date29 Apr, 2022
ContextFull time (1 year 4 months)

Temp Zero is a minimalist roguelike which mixes intense action and musical bullet hell.

Fight enemies which attack to the beat, choose perks, defeat the final boss, unlock new weapons, spells & soundtracks!

My roles in the project
🎮 Game Design Weapons, Abilities & Perks
Enemies & Boss
Gameplay Loops & Progression (Micro & Macro)
Game Feel, Balancing & Tweaking
UI & Menus
📐 Level Design Rooms & Bullet Hell Patterns
🖥️ Programming Enemies & Bullet Hell Audio Synchronization (Using FMOD)
Weapons, Abilities & Perks
Aim Assist System
Controller & Keyboard Input System (With Rebinds)
Spatial Controller Vibration System
UI & Menus
Daily Leaderboard (Using Firebase)
Discord Bot which highlight the best score of the day
Achievements System
Ported the game to Steam & Nintendo Switch
🪀 Animations Character Animations
Weapons Animations
Enemies & Boss Animations
🔥 VFXBlack Hole Room Transition
Weapons & Abilities (Smears, Projectiles, Lasers, Explosions, etc.)
Enemies & Boss Attacks
Chromatic Aberration On Hit
Time Slow On Room Complete
📊 Marketing & CommunicationsPitch to several publishers
Communication on social medias (Twitter, Reddit)
Mailing to 300+ content creators (YouTube, Twitch)
Discord Server
Steam Page Optimization
Pitch & Communication with Nintendo
🔧 My Tools