Montpellier, France


GenreBoss Fight, Musical
DevelopersOKYO GAMES (6 people)
Release Date12 Jun, 2020
Context3rd year diploma project

Swarm is a Boss Fight Game in which you face a giant creature attacking in rhythm with the music.

Switch between melee and shoot’em up while dodging powerful incoming attacks.

My roles in the project
🎮 Game Design Boss Attacks, Patterns & Phases (Melee & Shoot’Em Up)
Boss Audio Synchronization
3C (Melee & Shoot’Em Up)
Game Feel, Balancing & Tweaking
UI & Menus
🖥️ ProgrammingBoss Audio Synchronization System (Using FMOD)
Boss Attacks, Patterns & Phases
3C (Melee & Shoot’Em Up)
Character Abilities
UI (HUD & Menus)
Achievements System
Leaderboard (Using Firebase)
Ported the game to Steam
🪀 Animations Boss Animations
Character Animations
🔥 VFX Background Cell Shader (Audio Sync)
Grid & Shadow Shader (HLSL)
Glitch Shader (HLSL)
Distorsion Shader (HLSL)
Chromatic Aberration On Hit
Health Audio Visualization & Decrease
🍩 3D Boss
Little Bees
🔧 My Tools