Montpellier, France

Neon Beats

GenrePlatformer, Musical
DevelopersOKYO GAMES (5 people)
Release Date3 May, 2019
Context2nd year student project

Neon beats is a side view 2D Platformer in which the level react to the music.

Move, Jump and Bounce in flow with the music!

Neon Beats: A Beat Further (DLC)

Neon Beats: A Beat Further is the first DLC of Neon Beats. It adds 5 new levels into the game.

Most of my work was making the new level design ingredients such as portals, gravity modifiers, new type of spikes, etc.

I also reworked the main menu to add the new levels and increase the user experience.

This DLC was made during the developement of Swarm.

My roles in the project
🎮 Game Design Gameplay & Audio Synchronization
Level Design Ingredients
Game Feel & Tweaking
UI & Menus
🖥️ ProgrammingAudio System & Beat Detection
Level Design Ingredients
Level Building Tools
UI & Menus
Save System
Ported the game to Steam, IOS, OSTV
🔥 VFX Character Interactions
Level Ingredients
Audio Visualization
🔧 My Tools