Lyon, France

Neon Beats

The Game

Neon beats is a side view 2D Platformer Game in which the level react to the game music.

In this game you will play a little square in a abstract world to complete levels and try to get the best score possible !

My Work

Neon Beats was a 8 weeks school project in which I worked as :

  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • VFX Artist
  • UI Designer

My role as game designer and programmer was to design and think how to prototype it after.

Having this polyvalent role allowed me to focus really early on important aspect to make the best game feel possible or enhanced the workflow of our little development team with tools.

Most of my hours were spent on the character controller, designing different signs and feedbacks, and then prototyping the differents elements required to communicate these like VFX, camera shake, additive camera behaviour, audio visualisation etc…

The game is now released on Steam and Google Play, it was well received by the community which encourage us to continue it to create more content and features.

In the case you want to know more about the game technical aspect, here is the technical design document

Other team members’ portfolio :