Lyon, France


The Game

Synopse – Trailer

After a war opposing 2 planets, embodies a jail guard in a political prison entering into memories to discover the truth.

Synopse is a top down shooter with a strong narrative aspect driving the game.

The game contains several bosses with specific patterns and abilities which after beating them lead to their memories represented with cutscenes.

My Work

Synopse was a first year school project in which i worked as :

  • Game Designer
  • Narrative Designer
  • Programmer
  • VFX Artist

My work started as narrative designer, i made the base of the narration and the universe.

As game designer, i was in charge of 3C (character, camera, control) and participate in boss fights design and how to establish a link between the gameplay and the story.

I had then to prototype all the differents boss fights in other words AI, patterns, cutscenes, and VFX (including the “combat area”).

Being a game feel lover, i could once again spend my time on polishing it the most i can and had a some agency and toys in the game.

Finally, it was time for the most tricky part, script all the narration and merge all the game parts together.

It was also the first time that i worked with concept artists which was a great social experience.

Other team members’ portfolio :