Lyon, France


The Game


As a foreign time-travelling hired by political rebels, your mission is to steal the cure from those who hold power.

NCOR is a 3D story driven puzzle game in which you have the ability to stop and rewind time to pass obstacles and complete your mission without being spotted in some infiltration phases.

My Work

NCOR was my first year school project in which i worked as :

  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • VFX Artist
  • Cutscenes Designer

We had 3 months to make a game within the following constraints :

  • Time mechanics
  • Strong narrative aspect
  • Include a mini game

As game designer i had the responsability to design the core mechanics, going with 3C (character, camera, control) and to do my best to make every sign and feedback clear to the player.

Being also programmer, i had to code the whole game and prototype every design element our team designed which often led to creating VFX by my own.

The most tricky part was implementation of all game elements like voice actings or sound and the final merge.

This project teached me a lot about Unity and C# fundamental.

Other team member’s portfolio :