Lyon, France


Work In Progress

The Game

Early gameplay footage

The Network has been infested. Fight giant creatures ruled by music to cleanse it. Face them while switching between 2 complementary Game Modes!

Impulse is a Bossfight game in which all the boss actions fit the music.

To defeat the creature you will have to make good use of the 2 differents game modes.

My Work

Impulse is a diploma project in which i worked as :

  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • Animator
  • 3D Artist
  • UI Designer

As game designer, i was in charge of the 3C and the whole boss design.

The fight follow the japanese narrative structure kishotenketsu (introduction-development-twist-conclusion) in order to introduce the different mechanics progressively to the player, and have a good interest curve.

Our main intention being “Feel the music”, the game have to contains a lot of actions and feedbacks in rhythm.

Knowing that, i created a tools linked to FMOD Studio in order to trigger events based on marker set on fmod, and set all timings in tempo rather than seconds.

The game being focus around the feeling, one of our pillars was “Dynamism”, we wanted a fast-paced gameplay fitting with high bpm musics. In that idea, we created the two differents games modes and features related to it.

Being in charge of that, i programmed the two controllers, a game events system, and a lot of little feedbacks scripts linked to Post-Processing, Shaders, Audio or Camera.