Lyon, France

Once Upon A Card

The Game

Once upon a card is a deck building cooperative game with a traitor feature that creates a perpetual atmosphere of suspicion between players.

My Work

Once Upon A Card was a 8 weeks school project in which I worked as :

  • Game Designer
  • Technical Lead
  • VFX Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • UI Designer

As game designer i mainly worked on the overall concept and global game experience.

My main task on the project was on the technical part, it was our first game requiring networking and i wasn’t alone on the programming part, which means that i had to design a good code architecture.

In this idea i made the technical documentation and diagrams and communicate a lot with the other programmer. I felt also reponsible of the overall workflow of the project, that’s why i designed every technical feature as modular as possible and made some tools to ease the prototyping.

Following this idea, i was also in charge of the artistic workflow and took the decision to use 2D IK Unity package to rig sprites and use Animator Override Controller to facilitate the animation production.

Some shaders were also used to reinforce the appealing aspect of the game of for simple purposes as using culling to have recto/verso on card sprites.

Finally, i made all VFXs and code a simple script to link these with SFX so our Sound Designer can import his work more easily.

In the case you want to know more about the game technical aspect, here is the technical design document

Other team members’ portfolio :