Lyon, France


The Game

eveR is a 3D Twin Stick Shooter Bossfight game in which you embodies a child waking up in an oneiric dream world with strange powers.

Encounter the mischevious sandman and fight against powerful mystical creatures.

My Work

eveR was a 8 weeks school project in collaboration with 3D artists, animators, and concept artists.

I worked as :

  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • VFX Artist
  • Project Manager

As game designer we had to design a game based on the existing artistic direction created by concept artists.

My role in the prototype was to code all 3 bosses AI, the character controller and also produce the required VFX and shaders to enhance the experience.

In terms of management, i took the initiative to organize meetings to communicate with 3D artists, animators and concept artists in order to ease the assets production.

In the case you want to know more about the game technical aspect, here is the technical design document

Other team members’ portfolio :